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Environmental Policy Aspects and Impacts

The policy provides the framework for our 0 Risk assessments have been carried out
systems in four parts.

  • Part 1 - Policy statement by the MD.
  • Part 2 - Organisation & responsiblities.
  • Part 3 - Environmental management.
  • Part 4 - General arrangements.

Envrronmental Permit Air Monitoring

  • Bolton Metals have an Envrronmental Permit detailing that BAT(Best Available Techniques) must be used for management and operation of the site regarding the environment.
  • Ipswich Borough Council are our regulator and carry out 6 monthly audits of the site.
  • The permit is based on IPPC SG4 which is the Secetry of States guidance for the non-ferrous metals sector.

Water Abstraction Licence

  • Bolton Metals have a water Abstraction Licence which allows us to extract water for non-evaporative cooling.
  • The Environmental Agency are the Regulator of the licence
  • The Environmental Agency and Bolton Metals take water sambles that are tested at laboratories for compliance with standards.

Environmental Procedures

  • Bolton Metals have a numver of procedures which enforce the Envirnmetal Policy and ensures that all elements of the environment are considered.
  • The procedures cover our operating processes and include control of waste, stack monitoring, releases into surface water, pollution prevention and control, waste transfer notes etc.

Aspects and Impacts

  • Risk assessments have been carried out to identify any significant aspects and impacts of our operating procedures.
  • Once identitfied control measures are evaluated to ensure they are suitable and sufficient
  • Objectives are set to improve our environmental performance from the aspects and impacts assessment.

Air Monitoring

  • We have carried out air monitoring of emissions to atmosphere to identify any impact on our neighbour's.
  • We have conducted air monitoring in the foundries to confirm exposure levels of operators and of the kocking out process.

Foundry Emissions

  • We have to continuously monitor the main stack emissions for total particulate matter.
  • We also carry out spot monitoring of the main stack, AB foundry and the Ball Mill for total particulate matter and Dioxins.
  • The Brass foundry has an abatement unit and P145 will have one this year.


  • Air Quality assessment of emissions.
  • H1 assessment of discharge to water
  • Water audit.
  • Waste minimisation.
  • Internal audits
  • IBC audits.
  • EA audits.
  • Anglia Water audit


  • Waste Management
  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Trade Effluent
  • Groundwater Protection
  • Training and Emergency Planning




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